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"The Conversation" is an 8 week workshop focused on growing an increasingly anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and non-violent community through examining communication styles, cultural influences, discrimination, privilege, advocacy, and community-building techniques.
While it has a specifically Unitarian Universalist "lens", it is easily adaptable to any faith or secular community by adding a few resources and eliminating others. Although the outline follows a relatively natural progression, facilitators are urged to be flexible in their sessions and draw from the resources as needed.
The Conversation usually takes on a life of its own! ;)

Week 1: Groundwork ~ Framing ~ Elements of Communication
Week 2: Communication ~ Identity ~ Perception ~ Biases
Week 3: Cultural Components
Week 4: Intercultural Communication ~ Reason & Logic ~ Conflict Management
Week 5: Class-ism & all those other "isms" too
Week 6: Privilege ~ Developing Equitable Multicultural/Multiracial Partnerships
Week 7: Speaking Out ~ Infinite Identities ~ Intersecting Oppressions
Week 8: Community ~ Radical Inclusion ~ Honoring Diversity

If pursuing this curriculum as an independent study, we suggest a linear progression through the material, and working in partnership with at least one other person, if at all possible.

Almost all of the resources for this workshop are the result of others' hard work and often, long-time struggles. We are deeply grateful to everyone who made this compilation possible, and all who continue to inform and inspire AR/AO/MC efforts around the globe. So... if you ever end up quoting anything, please give those you quoted credit (and/or a donation!).    There are countless people working toward the cause ~ we're all in this together ~ and the more we call one another by name and support each other's efforts, the more we invoke our collective power to make change.

In Service and in Faith,
Carolina Krawarik-Graham
contact the web admin: ckg(at)sarchicky(dot)com


NEWEST RESOURCES:    We add material to this curriculum regularly. Resources added since the initial program posted are here, most recent first.

Lana Wachowski receives the HRC Visibility Award (video) 10/1/13
Tim Wise Interview on Totally Biased (video) 10/1/13
Tema Okun Speaks at Community Change Inc. 2011-11-01 (video) 10/1/13
No More Allies ~ Black Girl Dangerous 10/1/13
The Real Story of the Shutdown: 50 Years of GOP Race Baiting 10/1/13
The White Savior Industrial Complex 10/1/13
Superwoman Lilly Singh on racism around Miss America (video) 10/1/13
Stop Saying "I Have a Boyfriend" 10/1/13
Freddie Mercury - Out on Stage, Brown in the Closet 9/28/13
5 Ways White Feminists Can Address Our Own Racism 9/28/13
Whitewashed: Unmasking the World of Whiteness 9/28/13
12 Best Responses to Barilla Pasta 9/28/13
Rachel Rostad: "To JK Rowling, from Cho Chang" (video) 9/20/13
Louis C.K. on Smartphones, Emptiness, and Feeling Sad (video) 9/20/13
Meet Us At Our Table - The Problem With The White Savior Complex 9/20/13
On NOLA and Longing: why I'm not second lining this year. A post for my White people. 9/20/13
Ways to Address Trauma (video) 9/20/13
Picking cotton on a racist field trip (video) 9/20/13
Ask a Slave {Episode 1} (video) 9/20/13
Ghetto Tracker {the Ap} (video) 9/20/13
Kerry Washington on Affirmative Action ~ Real Time (video) 9/7/13
Servant Leadership 9/7/13
Who is the Servant-Leader? 9/7/13
Conversation on Class - More than Money ~ Reverend Theresa Novak 9/7/13
Response to Bully Calling News Anchor "Fat" (video) 9/7/13
Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy 7/28/13
The American Dream and the Nightmare of Manifest Destiny 7/28/13
From White Racist to White Anti-Racist ~ Tema Okun 7/28/13
Take the Red Pill ~ Chris Crass 7/28/13
We Are Not Trayvon Martin ~ a collective 7/28/13
From Slavery to Obama: Race in America 7/28/13
I Cross the Street when White Women Walk Toward Me 7/28/13
1846 Anti-Slavery Alphabet 7/28/13
Of Hoodies and White Women 7/25/13
Tim Wise: Color Conscious, White Blind (15 Years Later) 7/24/13
How Successful Cooperative Economic Models Can Work Wonderfully 7/23/13
10 Things Most Americans Don't Know About America 7/21/13
Kids React to Controversial Cheerios Commercial (video) 7/21/13
Tim Wise: The Absurdity of the Black Friend Defense (video) 7/20/13
Tim Wise: Radio Interview with Nicole Sandler {audio} 7/20/13
Making Whiteness Visible 7/20/13
An open letter to Whites about the Black Community 7/20/13
Tim Wise: No Innocence Left to Kill 7/20/13
Katrina's Hidden Race War 7/20/13
In the trial of Trayvon, the US is Guilty 7/20/13

Compiled Articles re: Trayvon Martin ~ Betty-Jeanne Rueters-Ward {excellent resource list!} 7/19/13

The "White Hispanic"Label: Yes, People, Racism Is a Latino Thing, Too 7/13/13
Hollywood's Treatment of Black Actors {satire} (video) 7/13/13
Racial Discrimination in Housing 7/11/13
What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? ~ Frederick Douglass 7/11/13
Rachel, Trayvon, and the Saddest Thing I Ever Read 7/11/13
Florida Mom Gets 20 Years: Stand Your Ground? 7/11/13
Noam Chomsky: Media Manipulation 7/11/13
Jan Brewer on SCotUS VRA Ruling & Racism 7/11/13
Connecticut Man Flies Nazi Flag 7/11/13
Do Racism / Conservatism & Low IQ go Hand in Hand? 7/11/13
Transgender Youth Branded a Sex Offender 7/11/13
Racial Profiling (video) 7/11/13
Gender Stereotyping (video) 7/11/13
Against Patriarchy ~ Chris Crass 7/11/13
Whiteness and the 99% ~ Joel Olson 7/11/13
Gini Courter's Final Moderator's Report 7/11/13
Ruckus Society's Action Framework 7/11/13
Daniel Somers: Suicide Note 7/11/13
Gordon Duff: US Military & Daniel Somers (audio) 7/11/13
Tim DeChristopher on Bill Moyers (video) 7/11/13
Social Justice Activism (video) 7/11/13
Unchecked Capitalism & What We Must Do Now 7/10/13
Patrick Stewart: Violence, PTSD & Activism 5/31/13
Spectra Speaks: Labels, Allies, Relationships 5/30/13
The Myth of a Shared Female Experience 5/29/13

For facilitators: Common Expressions of White Privilege            The Conversation ~ Week 1

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