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~ How long does a wedding take? ~
A marriage ceremony can last from 7 minutes to well over an hour, depending on the wishes of the Bride and Groom.
Most wedding services take about one half hour.

~ Who creates the ceremony? ~
That depends on your preferences.  If you would like to write your own, you are welcome to do so.  If not, we are happy to design the perfect ceremony for you as per your instructions and requirements.

~ Can we write our own vows? ~
Certainly!  We encourage you to do so - and are willing to help you with creative ideas if you wish.

~ May we include others in our ceremony? ~
Absolutely!  We find that it often makes the day even more meaningful for all.

~ Will you perform Renaissance or themed ceremonies? ~
Yes!  We will be delighted to help you realize your dream wedding.

~ Would you perform a ceremony that has already been written? ~
With pleasure!  We prefer to officiate the service of your choosing.

~ Will you perform ceremonies in remote locations? ~
Yes - for the most part.  Rev. Krawarik-Graham and some of our other officiants are avid climbers and backpackers, so if you mean hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon or up to the top of Humphrey's Peak and exchanging vows, then they'd be happy to provide such a service. 
However, two week expeditions into the Alaska Range - or bushwhacking for a month through the Amazon is off limits...
... for now...     ;)
For more information, please see our Wilderness Weddings page.

~ Do you have a wedding chapel? ~
We do not operate our own facility in which to provide wedding services. We are happy to recommend many beautiful places - and will travel to the location of your choice.
For some of our favorite spots, please visit our Locations page.

~ Do you offer bilingual officiation? ~
We do offer services in English~Spanish and English~German for an additional fee.

~ Will officiants travel outside of their home state? ~
Yes!  Anywhere in the United States, as long as all travel expenses are paid in advance.

~ What does the minister normally wear? ~
Our ministers have several different suits, robes, and other outfits that you may choose from.  We like to insure that the service reflects your taste and preferences. Please see our Attire page for some of our popular choices.

~ How much notice do you need to perform a ceremony? ~
We like to have as much preparation time as possible, but are happy to officiate custom ceremonies on as short notice as our scheduling allows.
We are also able to provide a thoroughly charming elopement service,
often in under 24 hours.

~ Will you officiate a commitment ceremony for those who are not willing or able to wed legally? ~
Yes... within reason.  We are happy to perform commitment ceremonies for those who would suffer financially (or otherwise) if they were to be legally married. 
We will not officiate a wedding ceremony for people, one or both of whom are already legally married to someone else.

~ Will you provide telecom or proxy wedding services? ~
No.  Our ceremonies require all parties to be present in the same place.

~ Do you require a deposit - or that we sign a contract? ~
A deposit is requested to reserve your day and to provide for preparation expenses.  We furnish a service agreement only upon your request.

~ When is payment due? ~
It depends entirely on the services provided.  For weddings, final payment is preferred at the time of rehearsal.  If we are creating, but not officiating your ceremony, payment is generally requested before the writing begins.

~ Are gratuities appropriate? ~
Gratuities are always greatly appreciated because they indicate to us that we have provided the exemplary service for which we strive. Half of any gratuity given will go directly to support our volunteer ministry work. The remainder will be donated, in the name of the couple, to Superstition Search & Rescue
- an all volunteer, wilderness rescue organization that assists lost, overdue, and injured hikers in the Superstition Wilderness and throughout Pinal County.

~ Where do we get a marriage license? ~
In Arizona and in most other states - at the nearest county courthouse.


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