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~ Visualize before you begin planning ~
See the whole day, every detail, every special moment
- then make your plans.

~ Be Inclusive ~
The more you allow your family and friends to help, the more festive and memorable the 'big day' will be. 
This is a must for couples on a tight budget.

~ Be really comfortable with the officiant ~
Take the time to find a minister who will fully accommodate your wishes and preferences.  Sometimes even the finest, most respected clergy person might not feel right for you.  Interview until both of you are completely comfortable and happy with a candidate.

~ If seeking a non-denominational minister, ask what the term 'non-denominational' means in the case of each officiant ~
For some, it means non-denominational Christian. For others, it means they will officiate ceremonies of any religious tradition. For still others, it means they are not affiliated with any religious organization. This is important information to know.


~ Spend more time on the ceremony than you do choosing your attire ~
This will be one of the most important and hopefully, most memorable days in your lives. Devote time to discussion about how you want to commit to each other
and celebrate this wonderful moment in your journey together.

~ Don't skimp on photography ~
Get the best photographer you can afford. Check out their previous work. Ask for references. Insist that they take plenty of photos of the ceremony itself as well as the standard 'line-ups' afterward. And provide a few disposable cameras for your guests to capture memorable moments. Even the best photographer cannot be seven different places at one time. Your guests can... if you have seven of them! If not hiring a videographer, ask friends to help you videotape. The day will go by quickly.
Memories fade. Capture as much as you can!
Please visit our Photographer to find out more about our ministry's photo services.

~ Pamper yourself a little ~
Yes, yes, we know hair and make-up... but there's nothing like a pre-wedding
facial and massage to insure that you will be at your most radiant ~ and relaxed.

~ Learn how to dance! ~
This is a minimal investment when compared to other wedding costs
and the rewards can last a lifetime.
Take a few lessons.  Waltzing is easier than you think!

~ Rehearse - both with the officiant and with the wedding party ~

~ Use a checklist ~
Make a list of all items (rings, flowers, etc.) needed on the wedding day and assign someone the responsibility of making sure no one forgets anything. If using a wedding planner or coordinator, this is their job. If not, ask the maid/matron of honor - or your mom - or your sister.

~ Arrange for someone to conduct all your business on your wedding day ~
Usually the best man or the father of the bride (or groom) will take on this role. This person makes payments, advocates for the couple if something is not in order, and arranges for last minute changes in scheduling.

~ If there are more than fifty people invited to the ceremony, be sure that a microphone is available for you, your minister, speakers, and readers ~

~ Have an extra printed copy of the ceremony ~
This can be invaluable for the photographer - or for other participants in case they misplace their scripts.

~ Bring and use cloth handkerchiefs ~
There will most likely be a tear or two... crumpled kleenex is tacky.

~ Make sure the people making toasts know it ahead of time and are prepared ~
It is truly surprising how often this detail is overlooked - and how disappointing it can be for the toastee when the toaster stumbles, mumbles, and bumbles.

~ Have a designated driver or two for intoxicated guests ~

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