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We believe that wedding ceremonies and other rites of passage are deeply personal and meaningful occasions - and should be sacred and enchanting for those who take part in them.

We feel that the perfect ceremony is one that most accurately reflects your wishes, preferences, beliefs and personalities. The perfect ceremony is one that everyone remembers as an ideal and inspired expression of that which is held in your hearts. The perfect ceremony for you is one that is unique to you.

We think that extraordinary ceremonial services should be available to those who seek them, regardless of spiritual path or financial circumstance and it is our mission to provide consistently outstanding services at a reasonable cost.

We strive, through creativity, well chosen wording, and the spirit of inclusiveness, to create truly wonderful and exceptionally memorable celebrations. From the simple to the elaborate, the reverent to the lighthearted, the traditional to the contemporary, we are committed to assisting you in realizing your dreams.




~ A Mystical Ceremony ~  is a non-denominational ministry based in central Arizona, specializing in beautifully created and custom tailored ceremonial services for any occasion. Our ministry is comprised of independent service providers and we proudly serve all 50 states.

Mystical Rites  is an independent company that provides resources and promotional services for the members of ~ A Mystical Ceremony ~

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Client Testemonials

"It was very important to Carolina to make sure that everything went the way we wanted it to - and it did. We had a fantastically fabulous time - Carolina is the greatest! We are very lucky and happy that we found her and we would, without hesitation, recommend her again and again!
        Ryann & Richard Pepe"

"The way our ceremony was written was the most wonderful part... I just loved the way our own personal things we said about each other were written into our vows. There's not enough I can say about our ceremony. It was so perfect!
        Debbie & Bob Cross"

"It was so us - Even what the minister wrote was just us! We got so many compliments on the ceremony, people are still talking about it!
       Steve and Keli Alway"

"We loved the flexibility and personalization of our ceremony - the openness to our ideas and desires. We had such a good time working with you and enjoyed your energy and excitement for what you do, your ability to laugh with us and your easy manner. We are extremely happy with how our ceremony turned out!
        Brenda & Charley Young"

"Carol, We wanted to email you and thank you for performing our beautiful ceremony for us. It is nice to have someone out there who is open minded and allows the couple to do the ceremony their own way. We had so much fun with you creating the ceremony. You made the day of the ceremony alot of fun and beautiful. Your outfit was perfect. If you ever need a recommendation, don't hesitate to give our phone number or email address. Thanks again,
        The Biddles"

"Dear Carolina - No words can express how grateful Steve and I are for you to participate and be a part of our wedding. We will deeply cherish this day for the rest of our lives and always remember how you played such a meaningful role in preparing our vows. With great thanks,
        Rebecca & Steve Tremonti"

~ A Mystical Ceremony ~  would like to thank:
The Krawarik family, Elizabeth Ohep, Derek Habermas, John Angel, Ross LaMora, D.T., and many other friends for generously giving of their time and effort to make this site possible.
Additional thanks goes out to all the wonderful couples depicted here for permission to use their photos and for providing us with such lovely material.


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