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This is the standard questionnaire for couples who are interested in engaging our wedding services. Different questionnaires are available for our other ceremonies.


What is your wedding date and time?

Where will the ceremony be held? (complete location address)
    Will the ceremony be held indoors or outdoors?
What are the anticipated seasonal and/or weather conditions?

Full name of Primary Contact?
Would you like your full name used throughout the ceremony?
If not, which name would you like used?

Full name of Partner?
Would you like your full name used throughout the ceremony?
If not, which name would you like used?

Are you changing your name(s)?

What is the general religious/spiritual background of the Primary Contact?      Partner?      Primary Contact's family?      Partner's family?

What are 10 things you \each/ love about your partner?

What do you feel is the most important 'ingredient' for a lasting marriage?

Will you be writing your own ceremony?
Would you like assistance planning the ceremony?
Would you like help planning the wedding?

What is your preferred ceremony type & style?
   (select all that apply)
civil      religious      spiritual      traditional      contemporary     themed*
inclusive      private/intimate      elaborate      moderate      simple
      *What is the wedding theme?

What is the desired ceremony length?

Will either partner be escorted?   If so, by whom?
Will either partner be 'given away'?   If so, by whom?

Will there be other participants in the ceremony?

(readers, singers, musicians, other)

Are there people you'd like mentioned, honored, or acknowledged during the ceremony?

What are your vow preferences?
   (please select all that apply)
traditional      writing our own      other      betrothal      main vows      ring vows

Will you be exchanging rings?      Other gifts or tokens?
Would you like them blessed?

Would you like any additional rites?   (please select all that apply)
ceremonial meal      handfasting      unity candle      sand blending      other

Do you have any special or specific requests regarding the ceremony?

Will you be having music throughout the ceremony?

Are there any limitations?

Are there any specific words you would like included or excluded?

What will the attire be?
    formal      semi formal      casual      themed
What are the wedding colors?

What is your preferred attire for the minister?   (select all that apply)
suit     robe     themed     other      black     white     earthy      colorful

Should the minister wear a Collar?      Stole?     Niether?

What is your preferred 'voice' of the minister?   (select all that apply)
assertive     understated     reverent      lighthearted

Will there be a formal rehearsal?     If so, when?
Would you like the minister present?

     Please include your contact information:
Primary Contact email address:
Primary Contact address:
Primary Contact phone #s:
Best time to reach?
Partner's email address:
Partner's home address:
(if different from above)
Partner's phone #s:
Best time to reach?

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